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HobbyEagle A3 Super 4 6-Axis Gyro System / Flight Controller for RC Airplanes
HobbyEagle A3 Super 4 6-Axis Gyro System / Flight Controller for RC Airplanes

HobbyEagle A3 Super 4 6-Axis Gyro System / Flight Controller for RC Airplanes

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A3S4 (Lite) Cable Set
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A3 Super 4 is a high-performance and functional 6-axis gyro and stabilizer designed for R/C airplanes. The hardware has been improved yet again based on the successful previous generation. Multi-protocol serial digital receiver support and customizable output channels added to make the gyro more user-friendly and reliable.

  • 32-bit MCU, high-precision 6-axis MEMS sensor, improved hardware and stable firmware provide more reliable performance.
  • 6 flight modes and 6-position switching, including GYRO-OFF, NORMAL, LOCK, ANGLE, LEVEL and HOVER modes.
  • User defined mode supported ?.
  • PWM, PPM and multi-protocal serial digital receiver supported.
  • Customizable output channels and 2 pass-through auxiliary channels.
  • Dual aileron and dual elevator system, flying-wing (delta-wing) and V-tail supported.
  • Remote master gain supported.
  • Firmware upgradable and Programming Card supported.

Serial Receiver Protocols Supported

  • PPM Receiver
  • Futaba S.Bus (compatible with FrSky SBus, JETI SBus, RadioLink SBus and WFLY WBus)
  • Spektrum DSM2/X 1024 Satellite (Remote) Receiver
  • Spektrum DSM2/X 2048 Satellite (Remote) Receiver
  • Spektrum SRXL
  • Multiplex SRXL / JR XBUS Mode B
  • Graupner SUMD
  • FlySky iBus
  • JETI EXBus ?

? Need F/W V1.3 or above; ? Need F/W V1.1 or above.

Standard PWM Receiver Connection

When using a standard PWM receiver, A3 Super 4 has 7 input channels in which at least one channel should be connected to the receiver in Aileron (A)Elevator (E) and Rudder (R), or the gyro will enter the receiver timeout mode (Red Slow Flashing). [Serial RX/M] is used for flight mode switching, use a 3-position switch of the transmitter to switch the flight mode during flight. [G] is used for remote master gain control, a slide lever or a switch of the transmitter can be used to tune or change the master gain during flight. Connect the ESC or the throttle servo to the receiver directly without passing through the gyro.

Single-line Receiver Connection

A3 Super 4 supports PPM and multi-protocol digital serial receivers which allows you to connect the receiver to the gyro with one single wire on the slot [Serial RX/M]. When using single-line receivers, 2 auxiliary pass-through channels (AUX1 and AUX2) are available which can be used to output the expected channels of the receiver directly. By default, AUX1 is always assigned to Throttle and applies to OUT5, while AUX2 is disabled. Depending upon the receiver type selected, The gyro uses the preset channel assignment to recognize the channels from the receiver. Refer to the table below and check if your radio transmits the channels in the correct order. After each time you have changed the receiver type the current channel settings will be reset to the default. Choose "None" for those channels you do not use.

Spektrum SRXL2 Receiver

Single-line Receiver

Spektrum DSM2/X remote Receiver

Customizable Output Channels

A3 Super 4 provides 5 customized PWM output channels, including OUT1 to OUT5, of which the function can be specified by user.

Output Functions

Standard Fixed Wing

Flying-wing (Delta-wing)



You can use either HobbyEagle A3 Configurator or a Programming Card to setup the gyro.

Basic Setting

Receiver Setting

Output & Servos Setting

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Notes to buyers

PNP (Plug and Play) – Motor, servos and ESCs are installed on the plane. Additional radio system, battery and charger are required in order to fly the plane

KIT – Package does not contain any electronics such as motor, servos, ESCs and radio but the plane itself. KIT package from different manufacturer has different level of completeness

RTF (Ready to fly) – Package includes everything you need to fly with all the electronics installed such as receiver and battery (uncharged). Batteries for transmitter and basic installation of plane parts are required.

KIT+ (KIT Plus) – KIT package plus some specific parts, KIT + Motor + Propeller etc. The specific parts will be place in the same shipping package but they may not be installed.

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