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FMS 1420mm T-28 V4 Front Landing Gear System
FMS 1420mm T-28 V4 Front Landing Gear System

FMS 1420mm T-28 V4 Front Landing Gear System

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Part Number:FMSPM113


Item number: FMSPM113
Description: Front Landing Gear System


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Notes to buyers

PNP (Plug and Play) – Motor, servos and ESCs are installed on the plane. Additional radio system, battery and charger are required in order to fly the plane

KIT – Package does not contain any electronics such as motor, servos, ESCs and radio but the plane itself. KIT package from different manufacturer has different level of completeness

RTF (Ready to fly) – Package includes everything you need to fly with all the electronics installed such as receiver and battery (uncharged). Batteries for transmitter and basic installation of plane parts are required.

KIT+ (KIT Plus) – KIT package plus some specific parts, KIT + Motor + Propeller etc. The specific parts will be place in the same shipping package but they may not be installed.

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