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Dynam 1200mm SU-26M RC Plane PNP (Red)
Dynam 1200mm SU-26M RC Plane PNP (Red)

Dynam 1200mm SU-26M RC Plane PNP (Red)

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Part Number:DY8948-Red

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MC6 Radio Set (Mode 1) x 1 [+$35.00]
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1200mm / 47.2in


1165mm / 45.9in

Flying Weight

1300g / 45.9oz

CG (Center of Gravity)85 - 90mm from the leading edge at the wing root

Power System

BM3720A-KV650 Brushless Outrunner Motor

Electronic Speed Control

50A Brushless with T connector

Propeller / EDF

13x6 2-Blade Prop


2x 9g standard, 2x 17g standard

Landing GearFixed 

Required Battery

4S 14.8V 2200mAh 25C LiPo (required)

Required Radio

5 Channel (required)









Hinge Type


MaterialEPO Foam
Skill LevelIntermediate
Build Time2 Hours
Recommended EnvironmentOutdoor

Why Buy From PorcupineRC
FMS, Freewing, Dynam, Emax, ZTW, Gemfan, Zeta.. are all within 200miles from PorcupineRC. We can get the planes in one day after factory sent our orders out. Your planes are freshly made in the factory (guaranteed newest version) and transported to us by trucking at a very low logistic cost, then we will ship them to you by air. This is the main reason why our cost is so competitive. On the other hand, the planes from our overseas competitors are transported by sea freight which might be stored inside a hot container for a month that may cause your plane deform and may lose their flying stability. However, we are located in Hong Kong, not mainland china. Besides low shipping cost, HongKong has its own law and we are free to export/import most merchandise, which is critical that when we ship your planes to you, Hong Kong custom will never stop your shipment. That? s why the biggest hobby shops in the world are also located in HongKong.

We stand behind the products we sell, and we are easy to communicate with. We guarantee you got what you pay for, and we will be responsible for shipping damage. When you receive damaged products, don? t fly it, let us know within 3 days you receive the products, and let us know which part is damaged, then we send you replacement at no extra cost. RC planes are all light and fragile, shipping damage is not surprising no matter where you buy it ( although we would reinforce the shipping boxes). If this happened, You just need to claim down and be patient, wait for your replacement parts arrived. Please noted that you have to check carefully and report the problem before you fly the plane otherwise warranty will be voided. Please don? t open return request or dispute before contacting us. 

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What is PNP, KIT, RTF, KIT+..
PNP - Plug and Play, it requires your own radio transmitter, receiver, battery and charger, and they are not included in the package. PNP planes come with motor(or EDF), ESC, servos, retracts (if any) and they are already installed on the plane, you will need to install the wings, stabilizers, landing gear(if any), plug in your own receiver, battery, then bind the radio, perform basic setting, then plane are ready to take off. 

RTF - Ready to fly, includes all you needed to fly, with receiver already plugged in, motor (or EDF), ESC servos, retract(in any) already installed, and it comes with a radio transmitter, battery and charger. You will still need to charge the battery, put batteries in the transmitter (transmitter battery not included), install wings and stabilizers, etc.

KIT - It doesn't comes with any electronics , radio, receiver, motor, ESC, servo. KIT planes from different factories have different level of completeness. FMS , Dynam and Freewing, etc KIT planes are all painted, partially assembled, with all the plastic parts already installed on the fuselage, normally retracts are also already installed (if any), level of completeness are very high, factories tries to complete everything they could for a KIT plane ( without the above mentioned parts) while the planes are still be able to put in a shipping box. KIT planes from some factories are not assembled at all, like X-UAV, X-UAV KIT planes will come with all parts and foams unassembled, but their planes are simple designed, so its not that difficult to glue and assemble the parts together.

KIT+ - KIT Plus, it simply a KIT plane plus the mentioned parts, for example, KIT+motor+propeller, the KIT plane will come with motor (or EDF) and the required propeller seperately. The mentioned parts will be put in the same shipping box as the plane, but they may not come installed.

Notes for Beginner:
Before your first flight. Here is a list of suggestion:

1. Practice in simulator, nowadays many high quality apps are available, you can practice with your phone! Make sure you won't confuse with the direction, make sure you can control the plane in the way you think, and most importantly, make sure you can land the plane safely. Search Pica Sim, Leo's Sim, Real Flight with your phone.

2. Learn how to set the plane properly, for example, ESC initialization, and make sure the aileron, rudder, elevator movement matches the transmitter stick movement, reverse the direction if needed. If motor spinning direction is wrong, you can reverse it by swapping any 2 out of 3 wires connecting to the motor from ESC, or set ESC to reserve the direction( if ESC has this functions).

3. Make sure the CG (Center of gravity) is correct, location of CG is provided by factories and you can find this information from Manual. If the CG is wrong, 99% sure you will crash. Read more information from the internet, don't fly before you got enough knowledge and practice.

4. Make sure landing gear is glued tightly, screws are not over tightened (it would break the plastic parts)

5. No parts are loose. Battery wouldn't move inside the plane.

6. Set zero before you install the servo horn, that means make sure the servo is in the center position before you install the servo horns and glue the servos to the plane.

7. Unplug battery before turning off the radio. (very important!) Or else you may get serious injury. (Until you know how to set fail safe which make sure when no radio signal, throttle is set to certain level or zero)

8. Check the plane before every take off. After each landing, check motor and ESC temperature, if anything is hot, don't fly, or it will melt down plastic parts, or it would just stop spinning anytime. If so, check propeller balancing and check if the motor not spinning smooth, both situation could increase the current significantly and cause something burning hot. High current loading will cause ESC blow as well.

9. Learn how to protect your Lipo battery, don't let the Lipo battery discharge to lower then 3.7 v for each cell. you may put a low battery alarm in the plane or count the time if you know how long the flight should be.

10. Get help from experienced pilot. Do not make your first flight before have a check by experienced pilot.

11. Playing RC planes always accompanied by fixing planes, your planes would live longer when you got more experience.

There is no product in the market that guarantee you will have successful flight, the planes cannot stop in the air. When you feel something wrong when the plane is flying, it is too late and it could crash in the next 0.5 second. In average, the first flight last only as short as 30 seconds. So be prepared very well before your first flight.

5 Stars
Dynam SU 26M Red
This plane is awesome! Shipping is quick and arrived undamaged. Thanks Procupinerc!
Reviewed by:  from Singapore. on 3/10/2017

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