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Arrows 64mm EDF Jet F-86 Sabre with Vector Stabilization PNP RC Plane
Arrows 64mm EDF Jet F-86 Sabre with Vector Stabilization PNP RC Plane

Arrows 64mm EDF Jet F-86 Sabre with Vector Stabilization PNP RC Plane

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F-86 Sabre 64mm EDF PNP

The North American F-86 Sabre was the first US fighter aircraft designed using the German research that showed a 35 degree thin swept wing gave superior transonic performance. The Sabre was the equal of its well-known Korean War opponent, the Mig-15. It was the highest production US jet fighter ever made, with total production of 9860 units. It was manufactured in many variants, and the Navy FJ fighter was a modified version suited for carrier operations. It was the first fighter equipped with air-to-air missiles, and later versions were supersonic in a dive. All in all, it is a classic.

While Arrows has introduced a number of EDF jets, from the hand tossed Viper to the high-end MiG-29 and F-15, our engineering team began with the Marlin 64mm EDF, still the best EDF trainer made. The F-86 is the successor to the Marlin with fixed gear for strength and the same full 5-channel performance with flaps. The plane has excellent performance and agility at high speed and stability during landings.

The smooth 12-blade 64mm fan sounds more realistic than older 5-blade 64mm units others use. Because of the more powerful 2840-3150KV motor and a 40 amp ESC, this plane is capable of top performance even though it is larger than other 64mm F-86's, with maneuvers such as rolling, diving, looping, and inverted flight. The quick release landing gear allow for fast transition from ground take-off to hand lauch and facilitates easy transport.

The EPO foam is tough and at 820mm length and 860mm wingspan, it is a perfect 1/10 scale of the original full-scale plane. The contours, panel lines, and markings are highly accurate and realistic. The special water-based paint has a very realistic look. Assembly is fast and simple using only a few screws.

Get ready for a new experience in EDF's with the Arrows 64mm F-86 Sabre.


  • 12-bladed 64mm EDF, 2840-3150KV motor, 40A ESC, 9g servos
  • Highly realistic scale components: panel lines, functional flaps, dual drop tanks
  • Steerable nose gear for enhanced ground maneuverability
  • High-quality rubber tires
  • Preinstalled ball-linked linkages for precise surface movements
  • Carbon reinforced airframe
  • Fantastic low-speed performance and aerobatic capabilities

Needed to Complete

This is a PNP RC plane and requires a radio system, battery, and charger to be complete.


Wing Area:
15.2dm² (235in²)
Wing Loading:
69g/dm² (0.15oz/in²)
860mm (33.8in)
820mm (32.3in)
Gyro Control
CG (Center of Gravity):
130-140mm from the leading edge
Power System:
Electronic Speed Control:
40A (XT60)
9g servo x 8
Landing Gear
Required Battery:
4S 2200-2600mAh 35C XT60 Connector
Required Radio:
Minimum 5 Channel transmitter and receiver required
EPO Foam

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