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AG61 Model Taxiing Rectifying Gyro Manual

AG61 rectifying gyro is suitable for fixed wing airplane model with nose landing gear. The gyro controls the steering angle of the steering wheel and to rectify the deviation tendency of the model airplane when it is taxiing on the ground, and accurately responds to the rudder stick steering action, so as to improve the steering stability of the model airplane when ii is taxiing at high speed.

The greatest highlight of the AG61 rectifying gyro is that it uses an intelligent adaptive algorithm, which eliminates the cumbersome operation of the traditional model gyro product, such as setting the sensor direction and adjusting the sensitivity. It only needs one auto config when installing, and does not need adjusting when using, making it easy to install and use.

The AG61 rectifying gyro has good effect of rectifying deviation in taxiing, can be widely used in all kinds of model airplane which need long-distance taxi takeoff and landing, such as the use of Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) and Jet power scale model airplane and so on.


*1 If the model airplane does not use the retractable landing gear, the Gear In and Gear Out may not be connected.

*2 The Turing Servo jack can only be plugged into the front wheel steering servoDo not connect the rudder servo to this jack. Otherwise, the model airplane will not operate properly in the air!


The AG61 rectifying gyro supports a six-direction installation that allows the bottom surface of the gyro to be installed parallel to the bottom plane of the model airplane (gyro label face up or down), it is also possible to have any one of the four arrows on the gyro label mounted perpendicular to the bottom plane of the model airplane. Use a double-sided adhesive to secure the gyro onto the model plane. And gyros should not be installed very close to the motor or engine.


Setting Steering Wheel Direction

After the installation of the AG61 rectifying gyro connection, power on the model airplane, put down landing gear. The gyro blue LED flashes quick, indicating that the gyro is being initialized. At this time, do not move the model airplane, do not move the transmitter slick ether. After the gyro initialization is complete, the blue LED is on or short flash. When the blue LED is on, move transmitter rudder slick to check whether the front steering wheel is moving in the right direction. That is, when the rudder stick is moved to the left, the front steering wheel should rotate to the left. If not, reverse the rudder channel on the transmitter. Note that if the blue LED flash short after the gyro is initialized, and the steering wheel does not rotate when the transmitter rudder slick is moved, it means that the gyro thinks that the landing gear has been retracted. This requires the gyro to perform the auto config function once (See the next section), so that the gyro correctly recognizes the gear signal and then sets the direction of the steering wheel.

Auto Config

The new installation connection completes or adjusts the installation direction, and adjusts the direction of the rudder channel or the direction of the gear channel, all of which must have the AG61 rectifying gyro perform an auto config function, in order to make the gyro run correctly.

Power on the model airplane, put down landing gear, and keep the model airplane horizontal. Then within one minute after the initialization of the AG61 rectifying gyro is completed, the rudder stick is quickly move to the left end and right end, 5 or more times each (10 or more times in total), and finally, the rudder stick stops at the left end. Hold still, the gyro blue LED flash, indicating the gyro starting auto config. Note that the auto config function will be disable after one minute the gyro is initialized!

If the auto config does not start after the correct operation according to the above method, please temporarily increase the transmitter rudder channel's ATV to 100%, and then auto config again. After the auto config is completed, restore the original setting of the transmitter rudder channel's ATV.

After the gyro blue LED flash 3-5 seconds, the auto config is completed, the gyro can be used normally. If the gyro blue LED always flash and the auto config cannot be completed, please check if the model airplane is horizontally placed, or if the gyro is correctly installed according to the installation direction described in the previous installation section.


LED Indication

Blue LED flash quick

Blue LED on

Blue LED double flash

Blue LED flash short

Blue LED flash

Power on initialization. *


Rudder stick is in neutral point.


Rudder stick is moved, not in neutral point.


The model airplane is tilted or flip over 40°, or the landing gear is retracted. The gyro rectifying function disabled.

The gyro is auto config the mounting direction, rudder signal direction, the gear signal direction.


* When power on initialization, if the blue LED is always flash quick and the initialization cannot be completed, please check whether the model airplane was vibrate, whether the transmitter is on, whether the transmitter rudder stick is in the neutral position, and whether the receiver signal good, whether the gyro turning signal plug is properly connected to the receiver.


Specific Function

When you tilt or flip the model airplane over 40°, the AG61 rectifying gyro will disable the rectifying function after two seconds, so that you can observe and trim the front steering wheel.

When you retract the landing gear, the AG61 rectifying gyro will immediately disable the rectifying function; when you put down the landing gear, the AG61 rectifying gyro will delay 5 seconds and enable rectifying function.


Have fun!

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